Bishopton Ward

Christopher Wall

Lib. Democrat for Bishopton  since 2006
01789 508396

Councillor Chris Wall was born in Birmingham and educated in Solihull and Oxfordshire.


General Purposes
Civic Heritage and Events
Human Resources

Career History

Chris spent many years teaching local history in Warwickshire and surrounding counties.  The National Curriculum moved in and Chris moved out.

The exciting years that followed were spent working in security.  Tragedy struck one night whilst on duty and Chris was semi-blinded.

After a spell at the RNIB Torquay, Chris returned home with a white stick and a new career in the entertainment industry.  The owner of a massive collection of 78 RPM gramophone records, Councillor Wall now entertains the generation that brought us safely through the Second World War.  He travels extensively visiting residential, nursing homes and clubs throughout the country.  He has appeared on radio and television.  To date, the pinnacle of Chris’ career was appearing twice with the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Community Interests

Councillor Wall was elected to the Town Council on 4 May, 2006 and returned in 2010, 2015 and 2019.   

He has spent seven years as a tenant representative for South Warwickshire Housing Association.  This has enabled him to support tenants with housing issues.  During this period he was on the committee that helped form Bishopton Residents Association, the SWHA Garden Competition and a founder member of that organisation’s Green Team.  Chris strives to ensure a fair share of services, particularly wheelchair access to the pavements.

As a member of Friends of the Earth, he has been able to work closely with Environmental Health and other departments supporting green issues.

Leisure Activities

Music plays a major part in Chris’ leisure time.  Popular music from the first fifty years of the 20th Century and a study of popular entertainment during the war years together with his extensive knowledge as an amateur historian makes Chris a much sought after after-dinner speaker.

As a countrywide entertainer for the elderly, he proved an ideal candidate to join the board of Warwickshire Reminiscence Action Project – WRAP. This organisation provides ongoing training for people working with older members of the community.  After ten years consulting with veterans of the Armed Services, Chris’s book ‘Forces Slang’ was published at the end of August 2007.

Along with other people, Chris was able to ensure that members of the Java Far East Prisoners of War Club 1942, would be able to meet annually and stay in Stratford upon Avon during the Anniversary week of V.J. Day. In recognition of his efforts he was awarded honorary membership of that organisation.

Councillor Wall is a keen supporter of the literary arts.  The Authoress Angela Harrison in her books “Suffer little children” and “Nature versus Nurture” – (Debut Publishing 2003 and 2008 respectively) makes mention of him in numerous chapters, as he tries to bring light hearted relief and humour to the true characters of her books whose lives have been reduced to chaos and despair.

Chris is an award winning amateur gardener and can often be seen maintaining the area that surrounds the block of flats where he resides.

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