Shottery Ward

Charles Bates

Liberal Democrat for Shottery since 2015

01789 293744

Councillor Charles Bates was born and bred in Stratford-upon-Avon, growing up in Scholars Lane with his brother and sister. He married Tessa in 1968 and has two children, Simon and Juliette and two grandchildren, Daniel and Keela.

Career History

Charles served an engineering apprenticeship with a local company, Ball Brothers, starting his working life as a pattern maker for metal castings. His career then saw progression in the motor industry, achieving managerial positions within Peugeot.

Community Interests

Councillor Bates was the longest serving Councillor on the Town Council and became the "Senior Councillor" from 1996 until standing down at the May 2006 elections. Having joined the Town Council in May 1983, he served continuously until 2006. Then he successfully stood for election and returned to the Council in 2015, representing Shottery Ward. Although no longer the Senior Councillor, his wealth of past knowledge is serving him well as Consort to the current Mayor, his wife, Councillor Tessa Bates.

In 1977/1978 he was greatly honoured to become Mayor himself and was similarly honoured again by becoming Mayor during the 800th anniversary year of the Town's Charter in 1986/1987.

Councillor Bates serves on the Mayoral and Protocol and General Purposes Committees and is Chairman of the Council's HR sub-committee, he also sits on the Cemetery sub-committee and the Allotments working party.

He became a District Councillor in 1988 until 1996, was re-elected in 2004 but decided not to stand again in 2008, being disenchanted with the Cabinet System, which by then had been introduced into Local Government by the Labour Government.

Charles was one of the 5 Town Councillors nominated to set-up the Town Trust following the Charity Commission's decision that it should become a more independent organisation. He later became one of the elected Trustees in 2011 and was re-elected to the Trust in 2015, but resigned later that year, protesting over the decision to develop Rowley Fields. He takes an interest in environmental matters, being a member of Friends of the Earth, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and The Woodland Trust.

Cllr Bates was appointed to the Town Trust in 2016.

Leisure Activities

Both Charles and Tessa found relaxation from their narrow boat and spent many enjoyable hours 'messing about on the river and canals'. They eventually exchanged paddle for wheels and toured the country in their motor home which they have since exchanged for a caravan, and look forward to holidaying with their family and grandchildren (and their cats) when time permits.

In the past Charles spent many hours playing cricket, nowadays he enjoys watching it. He was a qualified football referee, which he claims gave him the ideal thick skin for politics!

He enjoys cooking and it's said that he makes a "mean" pork pie (but can't accept orders!).

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