Local Amenities

Town Council Responsibilities

The council is responsible for providing the Stratford Community with Grit Bins, Litter Bins, Dog Hygiene Bins, Benches and Bus Shelters.  Click to request.

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Please note, if you would like to request any of these amenities on the Riverside Church path, or on the Recreation Ground you will need to contact Stratford-on-Avon District Council.

Local Amenities

  • Grit Bin
  • Bench
  • Litter Bin / Dog Hygiene Bin
  • Bus Shelter

Current Outstanding Amenities

List of amenities currently under consideration by the Council.

Litter Bins

Avenue Ward, At either end of The Avenue but on the main roads i.e. on the Birmingham Road verge by the entrance to The Avenue and on Bishopton Lane verge.

Councillor: Juliet Dorothy Short
Status: Survey closed

Clopton Ward, Opposite/near entrance to Station Car Park

Councillor: Jason Fojtik
Status: Survey closed

Welcombe Ward, On the green space on the left hand side aas one approaches Clopton Bridge. There may need to be more than one.

Councillor: Anthony Jefferson
Status: Awaiting a decision by the Council

Amenities Currently in Place

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