Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council Terms & Conditions

Having determined that the flag pole is available on the appropriate day, and if the necessary planning permission has been obtained, the applicant should contact the Town Council to book the flag pole;
The flag pole is available on a daily basis and cannot be reserved for any longer than three consecutive days per booking;
Annual bookings in advance are not permitted.  The pole may only be reserved for an agreed date during the current year;
The applicant must provide their own flag which should be delivered to the Flag Master (Civic Officer) at the Town Hall, five working days prior to the date on which it is to be flown;
Although there are no restrictions on size, it is recommended that the flag should be in good condition and no larger than either 1.5 yards (54” x 27”) or 2.0 yard (6’ x 3’).  
The flag should be delivered ready for furling, with a toggle at the top and a length of spare rope, about 24 inches beneath;
Flags will be flown from 9:30am until 9:30am the following day/s during a normal working week;
Applicants must collect their flag from the Town Hall within five working days after the flag has been removed;
The Town Council accepts no responsibility for the flag during its display on the community flag pole, including if it is damaged, lost or stolen;

The Town Council accepts no responsibility for the non-flying of a community flag for whatever reason, particularly if, due to unforeseen circumstances, the flag pole becomes out of commission or it is deemed unsafe for a flag to be flown due to adverse weather conditions (at the discretion of the Town Clerk and Flag Master).

Stratford-upon-Avon Community Flag Pole

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