Warwickshire County Council's Community Computers Scheme

Community Computers Scheme

Warwickshire County Council has 150 recycled laptops to give away for FREE to community groups across Warwickshire. 

Please apply by Friday 12th June 2020. To apply please click here. Or you can visit https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/grants for more information.
For any questions relating to the application form please email our team on connectingcommunities@warwickshire.gov.uk.
What is available? 
There are 150 laptops available across Warwickshire County. All laptops will come with a minimum 120GB hard drive, 4GB Ram, Windows 7 Operating System, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Free Open Office software and will include anti-virus protection software.
Who can apply?

  • Locally based community or voluntary organisations. This includes Town and Parish Councils, but only for community focused projects (not for administration of the Town/Parish Council).
  • Small-scale groups who have little or no IT equipment, and can show how it will be used to grow their organisation.
  • Groups who do not have significant reserves or other resources 
** Before completing the application, you must consider the costs of running the equipment, plus security, insurance, and additional software. **
Conditions all applicants must agree to:
  • Sign a simple receipt indemnifying the Council against any claim arising from the future use of the equipment and confirming that the Council accepts no ongoing responsibility for the condition of the equipment or its disposal.
  • Complete a simple report form at the end of six months to describe the use of the equipment and its impact on their work.
  • Ensure recognition of WCC in any publicity or communication relating to the equipment.
  • Collect the laptop from a local collection point following strict social distancing rules. 
Decision Process
Applications will be assessed and considered by the relevant Area Team and endorsed by a representative group of County Councillors.
If you have any queries please contact our team on connectingcommunities@warwickshire.gov.uk