Warwickshire County Council- COVID-19 PARKING INFORMATION – Parking Enforcement Changes

Warwickshire County Council- COVID-19 PARKING INFORMATION – Parking Enforcement Changes

WCC Parking Management Team has moved to address the impact that the Covid-19 crisis is having on people’s lives and recognises that this may include additional strain on parking demand.

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) will continue to patrol Warwickshire’s streets, while observing the restrictions on social distancing to keep themselves and the public safe. However, it will focus efforts exclusively on ensuring that parking does not impact negatively on access for emergency services and other critical support teams.

This means that CEOs will only issue penalty charge notices (PCNs) to vehicles which are parked dangerously or obstructively. Such vehicles may also be reported to the police for possible removal. This is in line with current guidance from Government and guidance on safe parking practices can be found in the Highway Code.

Until further notice, CEOs will not issue PCNs to vehicles which are parked safely and non-obstructively, even if these are in areas where waiting restrictions currently apply. Instead, CEOs will provide advice and guidance about safe parking locations and seek to help motorists wherever possible. Only those vehicles parked so irresponsibly as to constitute a danger or obstruction will be subject to enforcement.

CEOs will also provide a useful reminder to the public about social distancing, if necessary.

Key Workers

To help further, we will be suspending on-street charges for Key Workers, including NHS staff. This is intended to recognise the significance of Key Workers’ contribution to keeping us all safe and well. If you are a Key Worker and need to park on-street in a pay and display parking bay, please ensure that you have a form of notification identifying yourself as such clearly visible in your car. Examples may include a copy of your NHS id badge, surgery employment letter or similar. We will need to rely on members of the public not to abuse this.

Future changes

WCC Parking Management Team will monitor and review our approach to parking enforcement and have regard to developing government advice.

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