Local Addiction Advice

Local Addiction Advice

Rehab Guide UK run a service assisting individuals who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction.  Their 24/7 helpline allows people to phone and chat with their team of addiction counsellors regarding their sobriety or a loved one in need of help.

The following URL will lead residents to a specific page with details about finding help in the area, please click here: https://www.rehabguide.co.uk/addiction-support-groups-services-warwickshire/

Rehab UK currently help with the following advice:

• Library of addiction advice and information for specific members of the community such as students, veterans and more;
• Where to find local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA & NA) meetings;
• Locate local addiction one-to-one counsellors;
• Advice on maintaining sobriety;
• Set up of sober companions 'Buddy System' to support through the first part of early recovery;
• Information on free and private rehabilitation advice;
• Large database of information on drug types, symptoms and how to detox safely from them.

Please see further details below:

Addiction Advice Helpline
Rehab Guide
Age Range: 18+
Costs: Free Helpline

Referral Process: Phone helpline to begin

Website Link: https://www.rehabguide.co.uk/addiction-support-groups-services-warwickshire/

Areas served: Entire of Warwickshire

Days Open: 7 days a week

Hours open: 24/7