Housing Needs Survey - July 2022

Housing needs survey – July 2022

 Do you want to downsize, are you currently living at home with parents or friends and want your own home, do you need a bungalow in preference to a house? Do you work in the town but cannot afford to buy a home here? A lack of suitable and affordable housing has been a problem for many years, with house prices outstripping average incomes. A local housing needs survey was last undertaken in 2015, as part of the Neighbourhood Development Plan, and this information is now out-of-date so a new survey is being undertaken. Each dwelling across the parish should shortly receive a letter giving information about the new survey. You can either complete the survey online or request that a survey form is sent to you (and return postage is free).  Please consider the housing needs of your household (family, single, couple) and respond as appropriate when the letter arrives.