Flood Updates 15 November, 2019

Flood Updates 15 November, 2019

Updates from Town Clerk:

Fri 15/11/2019 09:38

  •  relatively widespread flooding across the river, the bandstand is cut off, for example, but the river has not invaded the Bowls Club.  In the Bancroft the river is over the bank, but not excessively so;
  • a tactical meeting taking place at WCC.  However, it has already been decided that the flood barriers will be placed along Waterside later this morning as a precautionary measure  and the road will be closed.  The situation does not call for evacuation measures;
  • The precautionary measure is because the river has not peaked yet, this will happen at about 7:30pm.  The Environmental Agency Officer claimed that the river has dropped marginally, which apparently was what they were expecting;
  • The RSC will  take a decision at lunchtime today whether to cancel this evening’s performance.;
  • Sunday Market -  the EAO believes it will all be done and dusted by Sunday.  Rain is not forecast for today, although light rain is expected during the night;
  • There is now a supply of sand as well as sandbags at the Cemetery.


Fri 15/11/2019 12:36

  • They are currently putting up the flood barrier, so Waterside and Sheep Street is now closed.  It is likely that the barrier will be in situ until Sunday.  There is a rumour that the Bridge is closed.  That is incorrect, traffic is moving;
  • The water situation is improving.  The EA anticipated the flood level to be at 2.1 right now, but their data has been revised to 1.8 and the EAO says it is actually 1.6.;
  • It is likely from the visual signs and his expert knowledge and experience that he will let the RSC continue its performance tonight but access will have to be down Chapel Lane. ;
  • The river is now expected to peak at about 6:00pm;
  • There is now sand in the Leisure Centre car park, which is free.