Bus Stops in Stratford-upon-Avon from Monday 15 June

Bus Stops in Stratford-upon-Avon from Monday 15 June

Stratford upon Avon temporary bus stops

Bridge Street will be closed to traffic meaning buses will need to use alternative stops. To avoid overcrowding at stops, buses will use three key hubs within the town centre – Wood Street, Rother Street, and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Coach Park on Windsor Street. Some services will also be using the Mop Stops located on Guild Street (behind M&S). Details of which services will be using which stop is detailed below. Thank you to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust for allowing us to temporarily use their coach park.

  • Wood Street, outside Oxfam
    • Service 20A to Solihull
    • Service X20 to Solihull
    • ROute 15 to West Green Drive
    • Route X18 to Evesham
    • Route X19 to Redditch
  • Rother Street
    • Service 1, 2, 3, & 3A to Lower Quinton and Chipping Campden
    • Route 50 to Shipston/Chipping Norton
  • Windsor Street Coach Park
    • Service 4 to Trinity Mead
    • Service 5 to Justins Avenue
    • Service 6 to Banbury
    • Service 7 to Banbury
    • Route 15 to Wellesbourne, Warwick, Leamington
    • Route X18 to Warwick, Leamington, Coventry
  • Guild Street (Mop Stops)
    • Service 1 - drop off only inbound
    • Service 2 - drop off only inbound
    • Service 3 - drop off only inbound
    • Service 3A - drop off only inbound
    • Service 4
    • Service 5
    • Service 6
    • Service 7
    • Service 20A - drop off only inbound
    • Service X20 - drop off only inbound

Stagecoach services will also serve these stops on their way through the town.

Please remember that public transport should only be used if essential. If you do need to travel by bus make sure you plan your journey, try to avoid travelling at peak times, and observe social distancing both on board the bus and whilst waiting at the bus stop. If you do need to use public transport you must wear a face covering. You should keep your distance from other passengers, clean your hands frequently and use contactless payment. If possible, carry hand sanitiser with you.